Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear 17 old me...

You will not become a lawyer, mostly because you were too lazy to wait in line to apply. It's ok, though, 'cause, for some reason, you'll do ok as a social worker. it'll take you some time to realize that you actually like people, but be patient: you'll get there!
Cut down on the chocolate! I think I'd have an easier time looking at myself in the mirror if you do that! and's not genetics, it's food.
Those friends that you have right now...I know you really like them, but you're still kids. Things will change so much over the years...besides, you'll only meet your real friends about 5 years later. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but you're in for a real treat, trust me!
Be nicer to mom. I know you're not trouble, but help her out more. She feels lonely sometimes.
Having a baby at this age, even though you think it's what you want?...not the best idea. It won't happen for a long time...maybe never, but you will enjoy kids.
In about a year and a half, you'll meet one of the most important men in your life. I could give you his name, but you'll find it out. You'll meet him when he's only 2 weeks old.
I'd tell you to apply for a university in another city, but a lot of things would change. Just know that, even though Dad is away for now, he'll be back and take Mom away. Don't be scared, 'cause the best time of your life will start just after that.
Oh! You'll get to see Canada! and will not meet a cute guy on the flight there.
Very important: I'd really appreciate you taking better care of your voice. It may not seem as important to you, but the lack of it will cause countless tears. Say "te bucluc" to Laura when you see her. You'll understand later on why.
No...he's not tall and dark, but he is handsome. I'll leave out most parts of that chapter, but I will tell you this: you'll never care for someone the way you do for him.
Now...I'm not too sure about the future at this point, but if there's any advice that i could give you for now, it would be: your loved ones are God's wonders. cherish them!

See you!

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